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Construction company, projectmanagement and structural advise.

Bellaart is a construction company which is, among other things, specialized in working for expats. We can arrange your complete renovation or extention and also the maintenance of your building or projects of other sorts. 
The owner, Sebastiaan Borgerding, speaks fluent English and reasenable German. Besides that he has traveled all over the globe. So apart from knowing other cultures, he is used to communicating in foreign languages. 

We are situated in Haarlem, which is only 15 minutes from Amsterdam.
Our workrange includes Haarlem, Amsterdam, and all the neighbouring cities. 

Apart from working as a contractor. Ing S.R. Borgerding works as a projectmanager too. He has managed many projects for people who were (for example) working abroad in the meantime. 
He has worked with local workers in these situations, but also with foreign workers. 

Last, but not least, you can contact us for structural advise. 
We can be of assistance in the following situations/cases:

  • Assisting in buying houses and giving quotes for renovation costs of new properties.
  • Counseling concerning owner associations (maintenance, disagreement and other things)
  • Counseling in lawsuits or insurance issues.
  • Small scale developements from start to finish. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for an appointment. 

Bellaart Bouw
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